August 2018 Athlete of the Month, Norman!

Published August 1, 2018

                       ATHLETE OF THE MONTH

           Norman Kanavy


1. What was life like before you became a member?  

Before I became a member, I was going into my freshman year at Scranton Preparatory School. I was signed up to play Freshman football and was also a member at Scranton MMA. I enjoyed being outside, and loved to ski, hunt, fish, and swim. I also enjoyed playing video games.


2. At the time you enrolled, were you already exercising? What was your previous background in fitness?

At the time of my enrollment, I was an active member of Scranton MMA, and attended classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. I also was an active skier, I have skied for as long as I can remember. I usually average anywhere from 45 to 60 days a year on the snow. I was on a boy’s recreational gymnastics team for a month or two and played soccer until 6th grade.


3. What originally prompted you to seek us out?

It all started because of my MMA membership. My mother would drop me off and would always hear this loud music and weighs banging. So, one day she went in and talked to Tim, and she got signed up. A month or two goes by and she was hooked. Another month went by, and I was going to play football in the fall. She was worried about me because I had no experience in a weight room or with any weights in general. One day after MMA, she convinced me to come in and talk to Tim, and I was signed up. I tried it out for a couple classes and I was hooked.


4. What was your goal when you originally signed up? 

My goal when I signed up is still my current goal and will always be my goal for the future. To say it as Tim said it the first time I met him, “We’re going to get you yoked!”


5. What have you liked best about working with us? 

My favorite thing about working with Keystone CrossFit is the relationships you develop with your coaches and fellow athletes. The relationship is more than a coach-athlete relationship, they become invaluable instructors, motivators, friends, and mentors. Your fellow athletes are your family. We all suffer through WODs together, cheer each other on, and have everyone’s back.


6. What are you most proud of achieving since you started?

I am most proud of achieving a muscle up, and my mom for getting stronger.


7. With everything that you have accomplished, has your view of yourself changed?

100%. I used to not be confident in my strength and fitness at all. I was the skinny little kid who got picked on and was not taken seriously during grade school. I was fed up and was determined to get not only physically, but also mentally stronger. Now, after roughly 3 years of doing CrossFit, I became evermore confident in my strength and fitness. I can do things now that I could only dream of doing when I first started. CrossFit, specifically Keystone CrossFit and all their staff, has changed my life.


8. What would you say to anyone else who might be dealing with any similar struggles you did?  

I would tell them to use all the negativity as motivation to get stronger and better yourself.


9. Do you have any special moments/memories?

I remember in one of my first classes, talking to Donny about CrossFit. One thing he said stuck out, it was something along the lines of: it (CrossFit) sucks, but if you work hard, it will suck in a good way.


10. What is your favorite movement/lift?

My favorite movement is the clean and jerk. There’s just something about holding that bar above your head in a split, it just makes you happy.


Lastly, I would like to sincerely thank Keystone CrossFit for choosing me as the athlete of the month. It means the world to me. I would also like to thank everyone at Keystone CrossFit, you all changed my life, and I am extremely grateful and thankful to have met such kindhearted and dedicated people during my life. Of course, I must thank my mother, Norma. Mom, thank you for all that you do for me daily and for dragging me into Keystone CrossFit to get me started on this incredible journey.

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