Athlete of the Month, Jessica Best!

Published November 30, 2018

  1. What was life like before you became a member?

Well I’m going to take you back quite a few years. It was 2011, I was 27 years old and I weighed 240lbs. Depressed, shy, horrible social anxiety, no confidence whatsoever and pretty much hated the person I was. I was overweight all my life, since about 9 years old. I was picked on and bullied so much. I had the the most hurtful comments said to me right to my face all the while growing up and that is something that will stick with me forever. I did so many yo yo diets that I can’t even keep track of. I lost some weight, gained it back, lost some weight, gained more back. It was a never-ending cycle and I couldn’t figure out how to stop it. Then one day, something in my brain clicked and I said enough is enough. I am completely unhealthy, and I’ve got to change. I got my nutrition on track and started exercising. I remember the first day I did an at home workout DVD, I couldn’t do 5 jumping jacks in a row without not being able to breathe. It was horrible, but I kept going because I wanted it that bad. Fast forward 9 months and I had lost 100lbs!


  1. At the time you enrolled, were you already exercising? What was your previous background in fitness?

I was consistently working out at home to Jillian Michaels workout DVD’s. I think I had about 20 different ones. I even purchased a mini home gym machine that had a lat pull, quad extension, chest press and chest fly and some contraption on the side for abs. I joined one of those low-cost monthly gyms as well but had no clue what I was doing so I mostly stayed on the treadmill. In high school I played softball and was a cheerleader for a few years.


  1. What originally prompted you to seek us out?

Although I was quite happy with the results I had achieved myself, I was so BORED. There was no excitement anymore with my exercise routine. Most days I found myself not even wanting to do them anymore and that’s when I knew I needed a change. I had thought about joining a CrossFit gym for a couple years. My friend that was a member here gave huge compliments about Keystone, so I thought I would check it out. When I completed my 6-minute Baseline, I was dead and thought this is exactly what I need, the challenge I was looking for. I never felt in my 30-minute DVD workouts what I felt in those 6 short minutes during my intro session here. I was hooked instantly and signed up!


  1. What was your goal when you originally signed up? 

Excitement during my workouts, get stronger and of course gain more muscle!



  1. What have you liked best about working with us? 

All the amazing people that I have met! I am so thankful for the friendships created with the other members and my coaches. I feel so accepted here.


  1. What are you most proud of achieving since you started?

Most definitely double unders. I practiced every day for 7 months to string those suckers together. I would get so angry and wonder what I was doing wrong that eventually I would curse and throw the rope and swear them off. But then I picked up the rope the next day and kept trying. Now I’m at 120 in a row!


  1. With everything that you have accomplished, has your view of yourself changed?

Absolutely! I have never had more pride in myself than I do right now. CrossFit isn’t just about lifting weights and exercising for me. It’s a ton of mental strength more than anything. Most days I look at the WODs and think how the hell am I going to make it through that? I am physically stronger, but more importantly mentally stronger.

  1. What would you say to anyone else who might be dealing with any similar struggles you did?

Not to sound cliché…but DON’T GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! You can do anything you put your mind to. Losing that weight was the hardest thing I have ever done still to this day. Don’t get me wrong, I will always struggle with food because I do every day. I’ll admit, I did gain some weight back and that is ok. Who doesn’t love food?? I’m trying to find a balance and that’s something that I will forever have to work on. Just take one day at a time and believe in yourself. My journey has made me a better person I believe. More compassionate and sensitive and I love that I am who I am because of my experiences.


  1. Do you have any special moments/memories?

My most special memory is when Tim looked at me one day before class and said, “we want you to work for us”. I literally started crying. I was in a rough time in my life at that moment and for Tim and Allison to give me the opportunity to actually work here, made me the happiest I had felt in a very long time. I feel so grateful every day I walk in here.



  1. What is your favorite movement/lift?

My favorite movement is handstand pushups and my favorite lift is the split jerk.


I just can’t believe how much my life has changed in 2 years because of Keystone CrossFit, Tim and Allison. I love being a part of a community that is so supportive, and I love my second family that I have gained along the way!



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