July 2021 Athlete of the Month, Kelly!

Published July 1, 2021

Athlete of the Month

Kelly Kelly



1. What was life like before you became a member?


Life before KCF was normal, yet crazy. I was 6 months postpartum with baby number two and so I was adjusting to that.

2. At the time you enrolled, were you already exercising? What was your previous background in fitness? 


At the time I enrolled I was not exercising. I would go for walks here and there with the babies, but I had no fitness routine or the constant desire to work out. 

My previous background in fitness… when I was younger I was involved in dance, cheerleading and skiing/snowboarding. As I got older I did workout DVDs, joined a local gym, or would go for runs and walks. I would say I always enjoyed being athletic but it was never consistent. 

3. What originally prompted you to seek us out?  


Shout out to Alison Benjamin. She was actively enrolled in the WBBC and while speaking with her about things going on in my life, as well as not feeling so hot about my new mom bod, she told me to sign up. I was scared to sign up, but I took the plunge and joined the World’s Best Boot Camp.  Needless to say, I was HOOKED. I remember being in Boot camp and watching the Cross Fitters in absolute amazement and most certainly knowing I wanted to join! 

4. What was your goal when you originally signed up? 


Like many moms, I put my children and home life first and put taking care of myself on a waiting list that kept getting extended.  I was really out of shape. I was depressed. I was dealing with anxiety.  I just wasn’t interested in really doing anything.  So my goal when I originally joined was to feel better mentally (as well as physically) as I was struggling severely with anxiety and depression for a multitude of reasons.  I was on anti-anxiety meds and when those weren’t working, I was prescribed anti-depressants and I felt like I was headed down a path I didn’t want to be on.  I no longer wanted the meds.  I wanted to learn how to actually cope.  Little did I know signing up for CrossFit would not only help me physically, but it helped, and still continues to help me mentally.

After Sarah was born (Baby #3) I struggled with postpartum depression, anxiety and rage. I try to be as open about it as I can since I feel most women are ashamed they’re going through it or are just forced to hide it from the world (so feel free to ask me about it.) But the very moment I felt better after delivery, I was immediately back in the gym.  CrossFit helps me deal with the anger, the rage, the sadness, the confusion that comes along with life. It helps me be a better mom and just a better person overall. 

5. What have you liked best about working with us? 


Obviously I’m going to stick to the same answer as EVERYONE and say the community. KCF is my second home. It’s a place I feel safe at. It’s a place where I don’t feel judged and where I can pour my heart and soul out and just leave it on the floor. There’s a sense of acceptance the very first moment you walk through the doors and that’s hard to come by. The community of the people at KCF is just an amazing feeling. You don’t have to know a single person, yet everyone accepts you.

6. What are you most proud of achieving since you started?  


I’m most proud of how I’ve grown mentally while being a member at KCF. I’ve become more aware of how I need to handle certain situations that arise in my life. KCF and CrossFit in general has helped me in so many aspects of my life. I’ve learned that I AM a strong woman, both physically and mentally. I’ve learned that I AM capable of pushing myself all while feeling uncomfortable. I’ve learned how to cope with life’s struggles. 

I’m also super proud of myself for working out during my last pregnancy. I always knew how amazing the female body was, but being able to lift heavy, keep myself mentally in check and being able to provide a happy healthy home for my growing baby was a blessing. 

7. With everything that you have accomplished, has your view of yourself changed?  


Most definitely my view of myself has changed.  I have way more confidence in myself. I’m not afraid to fail. I actually enjoy failing at things. It gives me more room to grow and learn and succeed. I have more patience with myself and others.  

8. What would you say to anyone else who might be dealing with any similar struggles you did?   


So many people have told me things like: you’re crazy for doing that CrossFit stuff, I’m too old, I can’t do that, I’m not in any shape to do it. I always tell them just to go and try.  I know how intimidating it is to walk through those doors for the first time, but that’s the first step in becoming a more awesome you! Walking through those doors is the first step in wanting to do something for YOU, which I feel like most people lack doing these days.  Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish. It’s necessary. 

9. Do you have any special moments/memories?


Getting my 150lb power clean just recently. I was chasing that weight prior to pregnancy and being able to accomplish that within the first year postpartum was awesome!!

10. What is your favorite movement/lift?


I love to clean. Cleaning is my favorite. 


“I wish someone had told me earlier how much this would change my life.  How, even when my world was in chaos, everything would get so quiet and peaceful when I loaded up that barbell.”  -- Author unknown 



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