5 Ways to Improve your Results This Week!

Published August 7, 2017

Hey Everyone!


Happy Monday!


Need a little motivation for your Monday??


Here are 5 ways to improve your results at CrossFit this week:


1) Get your butt here!

Consistency is key, so stop skipping class.


2) Work your butt off!

Intensity breeds results!

You don’t need that water break, you’re not going to die of dehydration.

When appropriate, choose a heavier weight.


3) Get out of your comfort zone!

You have to work on what you struggle with, not on what you’re already good at.

That’s the key to progress.


4) Say yes I can!

Having doubt or a negative attitude won’t get you anywhere, you have to believe in yourself!

As Coach Tim says, “Always nod your head, never shake it”.


5) Sleep tight & eat right!

Get some sleep and don’t eat that doughnut your co-worker brought in for the crew!

You can’t function to your full potential if you are tired and sluggish.



See you at the Box!

-          Jess


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