First things first… we start everyone off with a Complementary 1 on 1 intro to CrossFit session. Our personal Intro Session is the most effective way to begin your fitness journey together. Whether you’re a complete bad-ass…or trying to get a brand new ass…we start right here.



  • It’s our Foundation: This session is our most effective method to find the right path, sessions, skill levels, progressions, and initial timelines for getting you started and keeping you accountable on your Keystone CrossFit journey.
  •  It’s Personal: You’ll be greeted by one of our expert Coaches, and we’ll do what’s most important…getting to know YOU, YOUR fitness goals, and how we can help YOU reach them in the best way possible. Just throwing you into a class is what Globo Gyms do…Keystone CrossFit  is founded on the highest levels of service, commitment, and results.
  • It’s Unique to You: Everyone comes in with a different background and different story. Our supportive Community is built on starting you exactly where you are, and then progressively & systematically helping you reach your goals.
  • It’s Comprehensive: Our complementary 1 on 1 Intro to Keystone CrossFit session takes about an hour.  We’ll cover everything you need to know to begin your fitness journey with us, and start you on the path to get you there.



We provide highly qualified, certified, and expert coaching with a positive and supportive Community.  Years of experience and love for what we do go into our dedication and support of each of our athletes. We have what you are searching for, whether it is in our popular group classes, in private training and skill sessions, or through phone call or email guidance, we are here to provide you the very best complete fitness program anyone could offer. We offer several different monthly membership packages that will meet all of your goals and fitness needs.

Because of the uniqueness of our program and facility, and as mentioned before, the best way to know how we can best help you is to schedule your Complementary one-on-one intro to CrossFit session. It is the first step all of our members take here at Keystone CrossFit.


Our Expert Coaching Staff will take you step by step through the Keystone CrossFit method towards genuine fitness…And the best results you could ever imagine!

  • Tired of your current routine? 
  • Don’t even HAVE a current routine?
  • Need to Make Certain you’re doing it right?
  • Ready to finally be Beach Ready by January…and have all the extra time you want in June?
  • Ready to beat everyone, at everything…every time?

Well we’ve got Just the Answer!

If you’ve had it with your local Globo Gym, are looking for an awesome new challenge, want the attention of a personal coach, the excitement of a positive group class, and are ready to get CrossFit, then you’ve found the right place!


 Book my INTRO Session NOW!

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