Upcoming Events and Seminars!

Published October 27, 2014

Upcoming Events!!!

Hey Keystone CrossFit Tribe!!! It is that time of year where things start to get crazy!! We want to make sure you are getting just as crazy up here in the box! Take note of these awesome events we have coming up!

Our Halloween WOD is scheduled for Friday night at 5pm! There will be only one wod that evening, so come in your best costume and get ready for some fun! Oh and a nice game of dodgeball of course! We will also be giving out a prize for the best costume!  

All Levels are welcome!


Upcoming Seminars!

11/4/14 - All Things Kipping Mini-Seminar! – Butterfly, glide kip, beat swing, there are lots of ways to kip and lots of versions, but we know the right ways to master these movements! Come and learn from the CrossFit Gymnastics Coach himself, Tim for an hour and get the tips and tools to improve this beloved CrossFit movement. Think you already know how to kip? Well you’re probably doing it wrong, just saying. ;)

Cost: $20

Date/Time: Tuesday, November 4th @ 7pm – 8pmish (could go longer).

Sign up at the gym! Minimum of 10 people must be signed up or seminar will be cancelled.

11/11/14 - Double Under Mini-Seminar! – Are you struggling for what has seemed like forever to get double unders? Constantly getting welts on your arms, legs, and behind from the rope? Or maybe you just can’t seem to get more than a few at a time? Double Unders are hard and take practice, BUT with the right tools you can master them faster than you think! And then once you have them, you’ve got em! So don’t miss out on this awesome seminar get those suckers!

Cost: $20 or $40 with a jump rope included

Date/Time: Tuesday, November 11th @ 7pm – 8pmish (could go longer).

Sign up at the gym! Minimum of 10 people must be signed up or seminar will be cancelled.


Whole Life Challenge Finals!!! – Nov 8th @ 9am!


We are only a few weeks away from completing the Whole Life Challenge!! Our challengers are doing an AMAZING job! There are some challengers who have lost over 35lbs!!! We can’t wait to see the results (check out Mia's abs from after last year's WLC!)!!!... Oh and award the winners and hand out some awesome prizes!!! You’re all winners already, you know that!


Because these are the finals, the wod will be open to only those who are competing, that is just how it always goes for each challenge we have. If you are not in the challenge, we still encourage you to come and cheer on your fellow peers and help judge if you want! There will also be an at-home wod programmed for you all.


Heats will start at 9:15ish, please come by 9am to get measured and scores put in.


Last year we had some incredible transformations and we can’t wait to see how this challenged help transform you all this time around!


See you then!


Stay tuned for updates on all of our scheduled events and seminars!



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