Coach Nikki


Published May 11, 2021

Nicole joined our Keystone CrossFit team during spring of 2020 and has since shown to excel in her craft of helping create change in people's lives.

On the floor you will find a helpful, friendly, and laid back vibe from Nikki as she coaches you to be the best you can be. She shares her passion for fitness and health by working with you to help you succeed.

Nikki is also a certified Life Coach which goes hand in hand with the work she does with our clients in the gym.

She has also joined our team as a nutrition coach and her clients are seeing amazing results!

At home she is a mother of three and shares love for others daily with the world through her motivational live videos on her social media platforms and through her private group.

We are so glad to have Nicole as an extension of what we represent and stand for here at Keystone CrossFit.

Be sure to ask when you call what classes she coaches so you can get in one of her classes!

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