Individual One-on-One Private Coaching

One on one coaching is the most effective method of learning our fundamental movements, and preparing you for success in our group training classes. With the help and guidance from our certified, expert Coaches, you will learn how to safely and properly perform CrossFit’s most important movements at your own pace.

  • Each session is individually designed for your current ability.

  • By the end of your initial sessions, you will have the opportunity to continue with more personal coaching instruction, or move onto our Keystone CrossFit classes.

  • We provide both long term and short term one-on-one coaching depending on your individual needs.

For athletes who have been inactive for a long period of time, have health limitations, or prefer additional accountability, the highest success rate (decreased injuries and consistent attendance) have been found in athletes who begin with a series one-on-one personal sessions. One-on-one coaching is not a pre-requisite for attending our group classes.

To get started with your one-on-one coaching, click here, to request an appointment or email us for further info.


Private Small Group Coaching

Get a group of friends or like-minded athletes together and share the cost of a Private Small Group Coaching Session. The session will be tailored to exactly what you want whether it be CrossFit specific skill work, a WOD or both.

To book a Private Group Training Session, click here, to request an appointment or email us for further info.

Rates vary per coach, email us or call for more info.