Here is what people are saying about our programs!


Jen Faramelli - Winner of our last Boot Camp!

"I have to let you guys know how much fun I had at your class.  I think you guys are unbelievable people and unbelievable trainers.  It was so obvious to me how much passion you and Tim put into everything, it's like nothing I've ever seen in a gym. In that short time I felt like it was my little home for those few weeks.


Thanks for everything! - Jen Faramelli"


Dan Trygar - Winner of our Whole Life Challenge!


"Five months ago Myself and Two boys Joined Keystone Crossfit, and soon my Daughter will join in December.  The Reason for starting Crossfit was to help my son Stephen to lose weight because he was starting to head down a terrible path of bad Health issues, We thought this would be something great to do together and He wouldn’t have to do this alone. Stephen was 350# and was starting to lose some weight before starting Crossfit but he needed that Push, so this is where the story starts.

After Two weeks in of Starting Keystone Crossfit I had to get a Physical , Blood work, and a Urine test for a Keyman Insurance Policy for my company, this is when I found out I was the one with the terrible Health issues, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes , high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypertension. So the tables were turned ,we are doing this for a healthier family. I was put on 4 types of medications in late July and knew this was not the life style I want to live or want my children to live.

With the help of Tim and Alli and the Keystone Crossfit Family I knew from Day One that we were going to have a lot of great support on this journey.  I was determined to get off these medications as soon as possible so I got involved on the Whole Life Challenge  along with doing the Crossfit Training. This was extremely difficult in the beginning and wanted to Quit the Challenge many times then I was reminded why I was doing this by my 2 boys and kept on going.

All the Information and Training from the both of you was very crucial also the caring, and I know Tim said He’s not a sentimental Guy but I beg to differ. So suck it up. After the Whole Life Challenge I still had one more Challenge to overcome the MEDS… yesterday I had my 3 month appointment at the Doctors and was to reassess my medication.

He looked at the last blood work and compared it to this weeks blood work. Then looked at me and said this is not the same person that came here 3 months ago my cholesterol was cut in half my blood sugar cut in ¾  blood pressure almost at normal levels. He asked me if I was starving myself because I had lost 26% 0f my body weight.

I started Keystone Crossfit at 280# and now at 231# and Now Today I AM OFF ALL MEDICATIONS.   


THANK YOU TIM AND ALLI AND CROSSFIT FAMILY, for helping me overcome lifes greatest challenges.

See you at the BOX.


 - Dan Trygar"


 Amy Cole

We wanted to share Amy's story with you not just because she has a ridiculous before and after photo, but because in our opinion she is an inspiration to all and her positive attitude is contageous! We need to let you get to know her more if you don't already!

Over the past year Amy has not only become a great friend of ours, but she has proven to us that she has what it takes to become a royal BAD ASS. From the first day she walked through out doors, she dove right in to her CrossFit journey and went balls to the wall with determination of reaching her goals and improving her life and well being.  She is simply an overall great person with a great attitude, and if you know her, that is no surprise.  Amy doesn't complain about much of anything, is always happy to be at the gym, she always encourages others, and is always looking to improve and go forward.  I think it is important to note that what makes Amy so awesome is her thrill in sharing her knowledge and motivational attitude with others.  During the several challenges we have had, she has been a terrific source of encouragement, positive vibes, and a great resource for delicious recipes she finds! It's also nice when she randomly brings her food to the gym for us to try! 

Her greatness extends beyond the gym. If you don't know already, Amy is actively involved with the Luzerne County Pitbull Owners Group. Last year she raised over $1000 for the organization and finds active ways to receive donations, such as participating in the Tough Mudder. It pleases us that she not only loves Pit Bulls (and of course LOVES our Pit Bull Reagan), but it is note worthy to mention that she is also a foster mom to an elderly and kid-spirited sweet Pit Bull, Frannie. Amy's heart is in the right place which is sometimes a rare thing in this world.

It is amazing to see how far Amy has come over the past year. We can only imagine how far she will go, and what the future holds for her. We are so proud of you Amy!

Name: Amy Cole

KCF member since?  January, 2012

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit? Well, I can’t sum it up to just once thing – there’s so much I love about it. First of all, it’s never boring & it has been more challenging than anything I’ve ever done, and CrossFit has taught me a lot about myself. There were some tough workouts in the beginning months that made me really dig deep and find out what I’m made of and overcome some of my weaknesses. A killer metabolic conditioning wod is better than an hour on a therapist’s couch!

But what I loved right away was how when I started at KCF I saw how everyone there was at varying levels of ability, strength & shape. I had become so overweight and unfit, and super insecure, when I started CrossFitting at KCF, I never felt judged here or out of place as I had when walking into a health club. I quickly learned that CrossFitters are an awesome group of people. We encourage & cheer each other on. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments, big and small, and we motivate each other to excel. I wasn’t getting any of that emotional support power lifting alone in my basement of trotting on an elliptical in a gym. And finally, I love how CrossFit has changed the shape of my body! No other type of training has done for my body what training 3 days a week at KCF has done.

Hobbies: CrossFit, hiking with my dogs, cooking/baking

What is your favorite wod? Any wod with rowing

Least Favorite wod? Barbara, Lurong Living Kettle bell/Burpee wod

What is your favorite strength? Deadlift

Current CF Goal(s): First is to become more fit (i.e.: lose more weight) and second is to strengthen my arms and shoulders so I can Rx all push-ups and pull-ups in a workout by July 2013.

Biggest CF accomplishment:  Sticking with it & not quitting. Historically I have been a great starter and a not-so-great finisher. But CrossFit and KCF are not like any health and fitness avenue I’ve ever embarked on before. I usually look forward to my next day at the box.

What advice would you give to new members and potential members? Be patient and be consistent! Trust the coaches & have faith that changes you want will come! And don’t compare yourself to others. Just give it your all and enjoy the journey!

Favorite thing about the KCF community: Well for one, there’s more going on here than just training together. Tim & Allison host various seminars, teach us about healthy diets and we participate in challenges together. I’m getting so much more than a good workout. But what’s really cool is the great level of camaraderie among us at KCF.  I’ve met some great people and formed new friendships here and good times have been had together at various KCF gatherings. We’re a diverse group of people who share a common bond.