Why choose Keytone CrossFit over your traditional globo gym, or different CrossFit affiliate?

Do a quick Google search for CrossFit gyms in the greater Scranton area and lots come up, even more than there are Starbucks in our area! What makes us different?


Training for Mastery 

We consider Keystone CrossFit a School of Mastery. Mastery? You thought you were searching for just a gym! While yes, we are a ‘gym’, but the benefits of participation in our program spill into all other areas of your life. We put words like virtuosity, resilience, grit, integrity, determination, persistence, responsibility, service, commitment, and fun into regular practice helping you develop habits that lead to mastery in other aspects of your life.


The Sticky Factor

What’s going to keep your desire for change alive and transform it into a regular way of life? That is the essence of our program. We are about providing, cultivating, and nurturing the ‘fertile ground’ in which you can grow and reach your full potential


We Meet You Where You Are

Everyone comes into our community with a different background, knowledge and experience level. We’ve developed a system that allows you to join in starting from where you are, learning at your pace, yet stretching slightly outside of your comfort zone. Goals are reached through practice, support of our community & coaches, and consistency.


Small Successes

If you make HUGE changes all of a sudden and set goals way beyond your current ability, this is often a way to set yourself up for failure. That’s NOT what we do. Our program encourages you to take small, appropriate adjustments to your current norm that are within your known ability to sustain. They’ll stretch and challenge you, but just enough, keeping you engaged, healthy, and growing each day.


Systematic Programming

CrossFit built its workout programming on intensity and variety. And while going hard most of the time can work (especially when we’re young), throwing ourselves against a wall day after day with the mindset of “go hard or go home” can lead to chronic pain and injury.

Keystone CrossFit distinguishes itself from other CrossFit facilities through its specialization in gymnastics movement and mechanics, a key element of the CrossFit methodology and something that is often executed poorly. The owner’s involvement as a current instructor on the CrossFit Gymnastics staff drives his passion and need for this specialist service in the current market

 At Keystone CrossFit we do all our own programming. Honing movement skills in the spirit of fun, intentional virtuosity, and a willingness to learn gives your training solid context and sustainability.

 With over 11 years of coaching experience in the methods of CrossFit, you bet you are in the right hands.