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Timothy & Allison Muenkel

We are Timothy and Allison Muenkel, owners and operators of Keystone CrossFit. We established this gym in 2010 with the dream of doing the most good in our community, changing lives and helping folks achieve success in their health and fitness endeavors. That is exactly what we’ve done and we’d love for you to join us!

Our MISSION is to provide you with the best possible chance at living a healthy, happy life and reaching your full potential. Our Motto is SIMPLE. NEVER EASY. Regardless of your gender, age or current fitness level, the PATH to true Fitness is the same.

Keystone CrossFit will provide you with the instruction, guidance, motivation, and community you need to get on the PATH and follow it until you have reached your full potential.

Our Coaches

Tim Muenkel

Tim was introduced to CrossFit in 2007 while operating in Iraq as an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps. He was instantly hooked. After leaving the Corps in 2008, Tim immediately began training athletes in the methods of CrossFit. He quickly got certified as a Level I Trainer and followed that up soon after with an Olympic Weightlifting Certification.

When the opportunity arose and everything felt right, Tim took the leap to open an affiliate. Tim’s experience as a trainer and instructor are not limited to CrossFit. For 7 years, Tim trained infantry Marines in the art of war. He spent much of his time in the Corps planning and conducting training in mountain warfare, urban operations, basic and advanced combat marksmanship, as well as becoming an instructor in Marine Corps Martial Arts. Tim has 2 combat tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan. He spent 2 tours as a trainer embedded with the Iraqi Army and the Afghani Army. Over the past 11 years, Tim has dedicated his free time to the art and sport of Judo. He is a 1st Degree Black Belt in Judo, an assistant instructor at Gracie NEPA Judo Club and an avid competitor. Tim also has 2 years of training in Brazilian Jiujitsu under Jeff Reese, head JiuJitsu instructor at Scranton MMA. Tim is a blue belt in Gracie Jiujitsu In October 2010, Tim attended the CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certification Course. This will allow him to better train athletes in the daily maintenance of their own bodies. Through proper mobilization of the joints, something crucial to all great athletic movements, Tim will be better able to help all of his athletes reach their full potential. To satiate his constant thirst for knowledge and help improve the future of this great country, Tim recently attended the CrossFit Kids Certification Course, allowing him to finally offer the amazing benefits of the CrossFit program to children. Keystone CrossFit Kids will become possibly the most important part of career, something he takes very seriously. The future health of our children is at stake.

Coach Tim’s Certifications:

Certified CrossFit Trainer – Level 3
CrossFit Level 2 Certified Coach
CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coach
CrossFit Gymnastics Certification Course Staff Member
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
CrossFit Movement and Mobility
CrossFit Kids Certified Trainer
CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics USA
Weightlifting Sports Performance Level 1 Attitude Nation Level 1 (2013, 2014)
Mash Elite Performance Level 1
MDUSA Catapult Certification
Enderton Strength Weightlifting Seminar
Former Captain – United States Marine Corps
Black Belt in Judo
Blue Belt in Jujitsu

Allison Muenkel

My favorite part of my job is helping people reach their full potential and overcome obstacles that they've encountered in the past, all while having fun and building meaningful relationships. While not at the gym, I enjoy cooking and gardening, vacationing at the beach, and date nights with my husband.

Something that people may not know about me is I am a California girl at heart and I’d love to open a food truck. My favorite CrossFit workout is Annie. Best CrossFit movement/lift is the Snatch Not-so-secret worst CF movement are bear crawls!

Coach Allison’s Certifications:

CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coach
CrossFit Kids Certified Coach
USA Olympic Weightlifting Level 1
Certified Sports Performance Coach
CrossFit Gymnastics Certified Coach
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
CrossFit Scaling Attitude Nation Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 (2013, 2014)
Donny Shankle Seminar – 2013 Mash Elite Performance Level 1 (2013)
Member of the Weston A. Price Foundation Freestyle Connection Movement Seminar with Carl Paoli (2014)

Jessica Best

Bio coming soon!

Taylor Boyle

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