December Athlete of the Month, Laura!

  1.  What was life like before you became a member?

 My life before becoming a member was getting very mundane. I am a busy working mom and wife and was always focused on what I should be doing for my family. I knew I should be doing something more for myself but didn’t want to carve out the time and take away from those that needed me.

2.  At the time you enrolled, were you already exercising? What was your previous background in fitness?

 I was pretty active most of my adult life—running with friends, working out, doing yoga. However, I lost my mom a few years ago, and then received a skin cancer (melanoma) diagnosis, which required surgery, and left me off my feet for about 6 weeks. I had to go for treatments monthly and was just feeling run down. Then COVID hit, and it wasn’t possible to go anywhere. So, I was riding the struggle bus, and the weight that I had put on over a few years just wasn’t coming off like it previously had.

3.  What originally prompted you to seek us out?

I had seen some ads on Facebook for a challenge, and I had wanted to get more active, so I decided to meet with Tim and see what it was all about. He laid out a nutrition plan for me, and suggested I come to CrossFit 3 days a week. That was a little over a year ago, and I am certainly glad that I stuck with it.

4.  What was your goal when you originally signed up? 

 My main goal was always weight loss, however, now that I have been coming in regularly and following a nutrition plan, my goals have evolved to feeding myself properly, and listening to my body.       

5. What have you liked best about working with us? 

     I truly love Keystone CrossFit! Everyone is so welcoming, and always willing to help. I have made some great friendships and just love seeing everyone being so encouraging to each other. The coaching is top-notch. They make sure you understand the mechanics of the movement before attempting to add weight to it or move to the next progression.

6. What are you most proud of achieving since you started?

     I am proud of myself for sticking with it. Most weeks I get to 3 classes. I have gotten better about nutrition tracking (most days!!). We just completed the fall nutrition challenge, and I was super proud of that – I exercised every day and tracked my food.  It is very empowering to be in control. 

7. With everything that you have accomplished, has your view of yourself changed? 

   My view of myself is much more positive now than it ever was. I feel I can do more and can really do anything that I set my mind to. It is also helping me to realize that the weight on the scale is really just a number, and I am worth so much more than that. Of course, I will keep trying to improve in all areas, but I am not defined by my weight.

8. What would you say to anyone else who might be dealing with any similar struggles you did?  

    I would (and do) tell anyone that is hesitant, to just give it a try. Our gym is truly great at helping to    “meet people where they are”! You don’t have to be in shape, be a body builder, or any specific qualification to start going to classes. Keystone CrossFit truly had something for everyone. I say stick with it for at least a few weeks, before deciding it is not for you—and I bet you will see that it is for everyone. Also, don’t try to do too much at once. Get in the door, don’t use too much weight, make little changes to your diet—then add on from there—it is life changing.

9. Do you have any special moments/memories?

       I love the friendships I have formed, but most important to me is working out with both my husband and my son. I know we are all doing our own workout, but it bonds us, and we can all push each other to be better. I have also started doing more for myself outside of the gym – especially running and yoga.  I have run 2 half marathons, and several other distance races in the past year. Overall, I feel more confident in all aspects of my daily life.

10. What is your favorite movement/lift?

      I can’t narrow it down to one specific favorite – I think each workout/movement/lift offers something different.  But I do feel powerful when I hit a new PR or shave a few minutes off a previous time.  There are so many movements I need to be more proficient with. I love working with the barbell, but I enjoy working on gymnastics and body weight exercises also. I also like a little friendly competition and am looking forward to the Holiday Throwdown!

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